Brian Moss White cloud tours Bahamas

We went on a boat trip to Peterson’s Kay Grand Bahama Island with Brian and had a great time.

Brian is very informative, fun and attentive to all his passengers and worked hard to make the trip very enjoyable.

We came across a Manatee on the way there in the waterways and Brian managed to entice it close to the boat by spraying greasy water at him which he drank, it was awesome!!

We saw Turtles and a Ray and had a super time

When you are on Grand Bahama Island make sure you do a trip or two with Captain Brian Moss

Imogen T

best experience for your buck! by far

Captain Brian catters and modifies your experience to your likings. He maintains and up keeps his equipment in order to keep his customers happy, safe, and have a homey experience. i've used his service twice in 2 yrs, each time i go back to grand bahamas since i've met him. and now will continue booking trips and referring his services.

Chad T

Island tour and snorkeling

Our friends ("the Howell's" :-) ), my wife and I had a great time with Brian this year. We took the boat tour of the island and some snorkeling. We've taken tours with him in our previous visit to Grand Bahama and we've always had fun!

Richard P

Brian Moss - Canal Tours

Brain provided a brilliant canal tour. It gives you a different birds eye view of the island. This experience is a must when you visit Grand Bahama. He is professional, knowledge and accomadating. Highly recommend. Cheers, Evelyn & Jon